Building an Inclusive Team

At Masjaya Eco Construction, we believe that creating a diverse and equitable workplace makes our company stronger. That’s why we aim to recruit and retain employees from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

In our job postings, we emphasize that candidates of all ethnicities, gender identities, ages, religions, and other aspects of diversity are encouraged to apply. Our hiring managers are trained to avoid unconscious bias and evaluate applicants strictly on merit.

We actively recruit from institutions serving populations underrepresented in engineering and construction. Internships are offered to students from diverse academic backgrounds.

All employees receive regular inclusion training. We have zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment of any kind. Staff can confidentially report concerns to our HR department or diversity officer.

Our benefits packages strive to meet the needs of different demographics, including flexible schedules for caregivers. We are not tolerating with any member of LGBTQ community.

By cultivating a welcoming, supportive workplace for people from all walks of life, we gain valuable perspectives that improve our sustainability solutions. Our diversity makes us more creative, empathetic, and committed to our community-focused mission.

At Masjaya Eco Construction, we know that buildings are stronger when constructed from many strong parts unified together. The same is true for our team. We continue seeking ways to make our workforce more inclusive and our culture one where everyone can thrive.