The Structure and Funding Behind Our Green Building Mission

Masjaya Eco Construction was founded in 2008 with the mission to bring sustainable building practices to Malaysia. As a privately-held construction company, we’re proud to remain committed to our environmental values rather than being beholden to outside shareholders.

Our initial funding came from the personal investments of our founders, who had decades of experience in the construction industry. They recognized the need for renewable energy expertise in Malaysia and bootstrapped the company themselves.

Over the years, we have reinvested our profits to expand our capabilities in designing and building green commercial and residential properties. We now have over 50 full-time staff members dedicated to eco-friendly construction.

Our growth has also been fueled by grants from government agencies like the Malaysia Green Technology Corporation. Their research and development grants have allowed us to innovate in areas like solar panel installation, green roofing, and passive cooling techniques optimized for Malaysia’s climate.

We are thankful for the public and private funding we’ve received so far on our green building journey. At the same time, we work diligently to make our operations self-sustaining through project revenue. Our hope is to inspire mainstream developers and homeowners to embrace sustainable construction through our cost-effective solutions.

Though we are a for-profit company, our core motivation transcends profit. We are committed to green building because we believe it will improve quality of life for Malaysians and preserve our environment for future generations. We will continue working toward that vision for years to come.